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The marquesan handicraft is very diversified :

• Stone carving : mainly on "flower stone" (endemic in Ua Pou). You'll find those stones on Hohoi beach.

• Tapa : is the common name for bark clothes. As an identity support, it helps each island society to mark its specific etnic style. Each tapa style varies from one island to another (printed  decorations or handmade drawings based on vegetal or mineral dyes).


 Wood carving : the rosewood from Pacific (Miro) and the Tou are the two main ones.


• Bone carving : jewelry, paper cutter, hair clip,...


• Marquesan tattoo : there are 2 tattoo artists on the island.

• Seeds necklace : Poniu, Keo'o, Pitipitio, Pohue, Koku'u and Tamanu are de most common seeds used.

The Arts & Crafts Cultural Centre opens from Monday to Friday from 9 am till 3.30 pm and on demand during the weekend.

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