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Half Day Trip (8 am-noon)

• Discovery of Hohoi village (archeologic site, flower stone beach, local arts & crafts, viewpoints).

• Discovery of Hakahetau village (landscapes, Sharks Bay and Cascade).

• Hakamoui Bay : archeologic site (Chiefs' Valley), Tiki, ... (round 2-3 hours).

Full Day Trip (8 am-4 pm)

• Discovery of Hohoi village (see half day trip) and Hakatao village (viewpoint on Taakae Motu, lunch with locals or picnic, visit of the village.

• Discovery of Hakahetau village (see half day trip) and Haakuti and Hakamaii villages (visite of the villages, meeting with locals, different viewpoints, marquesian lunch at Ti'Piero Restaurant in Hakahetau village).


Half Day Trip (Hohoi or Hakahetau) :

• up to 3 people : 13.200 xpf (flat rate) (121 USD)

• 4 people and up : 3.500 xpf per person (32 USD)

• children (5 to 12 years old) : 1.600 xpf (15 USD)

Full Day Trip (Hakatao or Hakamaii) :

• up to 3 people : 18.900 xpf (flat rate) (189 USD)

• 4 people and up : 5.000 xpf per person (47 USD)

• children (5 to 12 years old) : 2.000 xpf (19 USD)

Haakuti :

• up to 3 people : 14.000 xpf (flat rate) (130 USD)

• 4 people and up : 4.200 xpf per person (39 USD)

Hakamoui :

6.000 xpf flat rate

These rates don't include meals (from 1.500 xpf to 2.000 xpf without drinks) (from 15 USD to 20 USD).

Vélo élec pukuee.jpg


Hikes will be led by a professional hiking guide.

"The Crossing" (Hakahau-Hakahetau) : 8,6 km, slope  +/- 600m, walking time 3 to 4 hours, accessible from the age of  5. Guide recommended.

• "Poumaka's Peak" (loop in the Hakahetau valley) : 9km, slope +/- 600m, walking time 4 to 5 hours, accessible to experienced hikers (and children from the age of 10). Guide recommended.

• "Hakamoui Loop" (Hakahau-Hakamoui) : start from the Guesthouse, 8km, light slope, walking time 2 to 3 hours, accessible to everyone. With or without guide.

During these hikes, your guide will explain you the flora of Ua Pou, its natural benefits and its relationship to the Marquesan culture. He will gladly tell you the various legends of the Marquesas Islands.

Other hiking excursions, with or without bivouac, might also be organized according to your wishes (tour of the whole island, homestay,...). More information available at the Guesthouse (ask for Jérôme).


The Crossing, Poumaka's Peak and Hakamoui Loop (with guide)

- 1 person : 13.200 xpf (121,5 $US)

- 2 persons : 15.000 xpf or 7.500 xpf per person (69 $US pp)

- from 3 persons and more : 6.800 xpf per person (62,5 $US pp)
- children (4 to 12 years old) : 3.500 xpf (32 $US)

WARNING : please bring good walking shoes . If it rains, paths can be very slippery !


Rentals to be booked in advance at the guesthouse.

Possible option to book for a week.

Bikes from the Lapierre brand, Overvolt, full suspension.

Half-day rental

4.000 XPF (37 USD)

Full day rental

7.000 XPF (65 USD)

We accept credit cards (except American Express), cash (XPF, EURO or US DOLLARS) or International Bank Transfers.

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