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Prepare your trip

The island of Ua Pou

By 9° 24' South and 140° 4' West, Ua Pou is located 50 km south of Nuku Hiva, 1.500 km from Tahiti, 6.200 km from Los Angeles, 5.700 km from Sydney, 8.800 km from Tokyo and 7.500 km from Santiago (Chile), which means in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The surface of the island is 105 square meters and is populated by 2300 inhabitants (living in 6 valleys). There are several primary and secondary schools.​



The Pacific Franc (XPF) is indexed on the Euro. 
€1 = XPF 119,33 or XPF 1 000 = €8.38, 9,50 USD. Note : it is not possible to exchange foreign currencies on the island anymore.
Tipping is not customary in Polynesia, and remains at the customer's discretion. Prices are fixed and bargaining is not usual, except for handicrafts.



The weather is drier (60% humidity) than in Tahiti and the atmosphere is lighter. The average annual temperature is 30 °C (86ºF). The rainy season lasts from June to August with a usual very rainy month of July.



The official language is French, as everywhere else in French Polynesia. However, between themselves, locals most often speak Marquesan, which is different from Tahitian. Marquesan is recognized as a regional language of France, and subdivided in two distinct dialects, in the North and southern part of the marquesan archipelago.


There are two local cellphone operators in French Polynesia : Vini and Vodafone. For the Marquesas, prefer Vini. Cell phones and prepaid cards are available for sale. It may be a good idea to buy a prepaid card (from 1.000 xpf - 9,5 USD) for local calls (bookings and other enquiries).



UTC/GMT -9 ½ hours

The jetlag is -11h30 from FrancE during summer time and -10h30 during winter time and + 30 minutes from Tahiti.



220 Volts 50 Hz


Hakahau has a health dispensary with doctors, nurses and a dentist that can take care of most minor issues. For more serious cases, the Taiohae Hospital on neighbor Nuku Hiva island is just a 15 minutes helicopter ride from Hakahau !

There is no drugstore on the island.

There are no dangerous animals or venomous insects in French Polynesia.



Sunscreen (reef-safe, if possible), insect repellent (if we may suggest one brand, try "RID", available in supermarkets or pharmacies in Tahiti. Or else, the island shops sell lemongrass monoi if necessary), sunglasses, hat or cap, sandals, your medical treatment (no drugstore on the island), light and ventilated shoes and clothing. If hiking, pack dedicated hiking shoes as it can be slippery on rainy days.

We recommend that you purchase mosquito repellent on arrival in Tahiti, it is more efficient than repellent sold elsewhere.

What you fill find in the main village Hakahau (located 200m from the Guesthouse) :

  • a post office O.P.T.,

  • a bank S.O.C.R.E.D.O.,

  • 2 ATMs,

  • a police station,

  • a medical centre (doctor and dentist)

  • an Arts & Crafts centre

  • a library

  • several shops (food, clothes, souvenirs,...),

  • an airport,

  • a port

  • taxis

How to get to Pukue'e Guesthouse



Airline companies like United Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, French Bee, Lan Chile,... will take you to Tahiti.



• Air Tahiti ( or +689 40 86 42 42) will bring you to Ua Pou with the Twin Otter after a stopover in Nuku Hiva to swap planes.

The Nuku Hiva-Ua Pou flight will be of 20 minutes at a fixed rate of 11.346 XPF. They will operate every day of the week except from wednesdays and thursdays.

FAQ in english :


• Taxi from Nuku-A-Taha to Taiohae (+1h30, call Marie-Jeanne (689) 87 70 05 89, approx. 4.000 xpf/pax) then by boat (approx. 1h40) : Thomas (689) 87 245 822 or (689) 87 361 614 or (689) 40 925 149 (landline), Cyril (689 87 76 66 71) or Armand (689) 87 314 729 that will allow you to reach Ua Pou.

• It is now possible to take our boat shuttle KAOHA TINI but beware that some trips include Ua Huka and are much longer. 

> Bookings and payments can be made on or by phone (689) 40 92 73 07.


From Hiva Oa, you will need to go to Nuku-Hiva and then choose one of the above options.

As bookings (ETA, etc.) may vary, we kindly ask our guests to confirm their date and time of arrival two-days before or the day prior to the booking.

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